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Author Topic: How to configure the resolution of games which do not provide such an option?  (Read 236 times)


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Hi guys,

I've been trying SoftTH with a bunch of games today and I've had success in about half of them, so I think I'm missing something to maybe make it work in the other half?

Basically, what I was doing was to copy the following files to the folder of the game.exe:
* d3d9.dll
* config.SoftTHConfig (with settings of 5760 x 1080 => 3 Full HD monitors)

I've found 5 scenarios when trying to launch a game:

1. The game has an INI file that I can edit manually with information about the resolution. I can enter 5760x1080 here and these games work fine.
2. The game has a launcher with some settings there and after copying the files above, I can see 5760x1080 added, which I can choose and the games will work fine.
3. The game does NOT have any INI file or launcher, in which case the resolution options are just in-game, and in this case, it seems SoftTH is not working at all for me, as the game is just launched in a single screen?, as I am not able to choose that the game starts with resolution of 5760x1080. Checking in-game, that resolution has not been added either.
4. Similar to  3 really, it's just that in some cases, there's a launcher there with video options, but... in this case (as a difference to the example 2 above), this launcher has not recognized SoftTH settings and it's not displaying the 5760x1080, so the game is launched in a single screen.
5. The game has an INI file that I can edit, or a launcher where I can put the resolution I want (5760x1080) but even like that and when those games are DirectX9, SoftTH doesn't seem to do anything. The game just launches in a single monitor anyway.

A few doubts:
A. Am I understanding this software correctly, as in, that one has to copy the SoftTH files but on top of that one MUST choose the resolution we want the game to be running on BEFORE the game starts?
B. And if that's the case, any clue how we can choose such a resolution for games who do not provide those options (as described in examples 3 and 4 above)?
C. In the example number 5, any clue why sometimes the INI settings are fine but SoftTH doesn't kick in?

Many thanks!

Then, in the games that it has been working what I had to do is either edit an ini file with the resolution the game will launch with (entering 5760x1080 manually there) or some of them have a launcher and there we can configure
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