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I urgently need your help to fund the continued development of SoftTH.

This project is open source and relies entirely on the generous contributions of users like you to keep the development going.

To give back to those who donate (as if getting SoftTH wasn't an awesome reward already), all donors get a Premium account on and access to Premium content.

Donating gives you:

  • access to bug/feature tracking statistics
  • the ability to vote for the bug/feature you want me to work on now
  • the ability to suggest new bugs/features for tracking and voting
  • access to alpha/beta builds for testing
  • ... and more

Every donation of at least $10 gets you one vote on a bug or feature of interest to you, or a vote toward a bug/feature you suggest (if it's accepted). Every $10 you donate thereafter adds votes you can use to increase the rank of the bug or feature that matters to you. The highest ranked bug or feature gets worked first (except for critical bugs, which take precedence).

Please donate $10, or whatever you can afford, and help keep SoftTH alive!

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Features to come in SoftTH v3+
  • Refined DX9 support
  • Full DX10/11 support
  • OpenGL support on Windows/Mac/Linux
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